Tomorrow (June 12) from 8am to 6pm, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky will be celebrating the third-annual National Jerky Day with a 1,400-cubic-foot replica of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial set up in in Columbus Circle.

Altogether, this gigantic meat monument will contain more than 1,600 pounds of beef, pork, and turkey jerky.

The masterpiece took 1,400 man hours to complete. According to the press release, “If all of the jerky was laid out in a line it would stretch over 5 miles.” That’s so meaty.

In the video above, the project’s art director says that the jerky monument “celebrates America’s lifelong relationship with meat snacks.” As Americans, we can vouch for our country’s intense and complex relationship with meat snacks.

If you’re anywhere near Columbus Circle, you can head on over to see the Meat Rushmore and snag some free jerky samples.