To achieve a stylish new look that no one else has, these Korean schoolgirls know you have to work hard. If mom and dad won’t cop you the latest Juun .J garbs, you’ve just got to get your DIY on and turn your favorite junk foods into dope-ass backpacks/hater-proof body armor.

We’re not confident in claiming that this is a massive trend that’s sweeping the nation, but it’s clearly taken at least a few schoolgirls by storm.

Learning is hard work, and you have to keep your energy up. You never know when you might need some pretend Pocky. This girl is prepared:

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The Pocky bag is clean in its design, but what happens when you get thirsty while snacking? This next young swaglord has that figured out. (However, we do have to question the wisdom of including perishable yogurt drinks in her pack. Even if it doesn’t go bad, warm yogurt is gross.)

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These girls played it a little safer with their projects, sticking to shelf-stable snacks:



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Just like anything, though, you can’t half-ass it. Did this girl even care? Maybe she just likes those cheese balls.


Eco-minded crafters all over the world have been recycling food packaging into everything from sneakers to purses—you can even buy candy wrappers from companies like Ecoist if you don’t want to wash them yourself.

We’re all for saving the planet while adding color to your wardrobe. Plus, if you make a snack-pack like this, you’ll never be hungry on the bus again.

[via Kotaku]

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