Reddit user WoundedFork posted a photo and a single line of text to Reddit yesterday: “The Jack in the Box in my town has cronuts.”

Foodbeast confirms that Jack in the Box’s “Croissant Donuts” are available in Ramona, CA. For the princely sum of $.89 for one or $1.99 for three (plus tax), Jack’s Croissant Donuts can be yours.

While there have been many Cronut imitators, only Dominique Ansel Bakery can officially call them “cronuts” due to smart trademarking.

Little Bigs Bakery in Maine found that out the hard way when Ansel’s lawyers sent the bakery a cease-and-desist letter for misappropriating the name in March, according to WMTW. Trademarked pastry names are serious business.

So, what took so long for a major fast-food chain to imitate the Cronut and call it something different? Besides the trademark, you must realize that most fast-food companies do rigorous laboratory testing before unleashing new products. Dunkin Donuts apparently beat Jack to the punch just slightly with their “New York Pie Donuts”—but only in South Korea.

Now, the real question: how does Jack’s “croissant donut” stack up to the Cronut? 

Instagram user @mahrzz posted the below picture with the caption:

“Cronut from Jack in the Box… I’ve never even tasted an actual cronut. If these are so soft and mouth watering then those other cronuts must be good!! Who sells the best cronuts in SD?”

Now we must find someone who’s tried both. You know, for science.

[via Foodbeast]