Here’s one less thing to worry about when you’re traveling abroad: Bad table manners. Just refer to this Zendesk infographic for tips on how to behave when doing business in countries like India, China, Japan, Australia, and France. (You can also brush up on regular dining etiquette with this Restaurant Choice infographic).


Some of the rules are more baffling than others. In Brazil, it’s impolite to sneeze or blow your nose at the table; in India, thanking your host at the end of a business meal is considered insulting.


Some of the tips will save you cash, as well as face. For instance, it’s frowned upon in Australia to pay for a round of drinks out of turn. Other drinking decorum includes not toasting an older person in the U.K. and never pouring your own drink in Japan.



Check out the full infographic below or on Zendesk’s website, where you can click on the image for a closer look.

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[via Design Taxi]