L.A.-based film director Julian Petschek has created an absurd rapping banana character named Nana Splits. His crew includes Sweet Cream (a stick of butter) and ButterKrust (a hot dog bun).

Taking elements from hip-hop personalities Lil’ Wayne and Drake, Petschek concocted Nana Splits to go beyond the concept of a personified food. In a Director’s Notes interview, Petschek reveals that the characters were entirely based on the relationship between Lil’ Wayne and Drake (ButterKrust is 100% Wayne).

Petschek says, “The most important thing I wanted to express in this video is the relationship between them, how tight they are, and how much Nana Splits looks up to ButterKrust…Drake and Lil Wayne inspire me everyday in so many ways, I love you guys.

[via Gizmodo, Vimeo]