It’s been decades since anyone thought of airports as glamorous places, but the brand new Heathrow Terminal 2—a.k.a. the Queen’s Terminal, if you please—is recapturing some of that Jet Age allure. From tomorrow, travelers will be able to dine at three Michelin starred chef Heston Blumenthal’s newest eatery while they wait to board.

The Perfectionists’ Café is inspired by the 2006 BBC television series “In Search of Perfection,” in which Blumenthal studied and fine-tuned traditional British dishes. The menu even features some recipes he created for the show, like a beer batter developed using Leeds University’s research into crunchiness.

Heston Blumenthal. Photo: Alisa Connan.

Heston Blumenthal. Photo: Alisa Connan.

The Fat Duck chef’s signature scientific methods are also being employed in items like ice cream frozen using liquid nitrogen, and a burger that can be squashed to the exact height of three fingers, the maximum distance you can comfortably open your mouth to eat.

There are also some multi-sensory offerings, another Blumenthal trademark, like cocktails that use dry ice to create an aromatic mist in the glass. Fish and chips are even served with an atomizer that lets you spritz the scent of a real fish and chip shop (which apparently includes malt vinegar and pickled onion juice) on your food or in the air, which beats the hell out of killing time at the Duty Free fragrance counter.

The restaurant's logo is a clockwork knife. Photo: Andy Catterall.

The restaurant’s logo is a clockwork knife. Photo: Andy Catterall.

No word yet on whether the restaurant will offer take out, so you can eat Neapolitan style pizza baked in Heathrow’s only wood-burning oven on the plane instead of Chex Mix. Here’s hoping.