Somewhere, in the recent course of human history, New Yorkers decided that it was okay to spend $12 on a cup of blended greens that looks like it’s been scooped directly out of a swamp (sorry, no amount of lemon juice and cayenne pepper can change that). It’s a testament to juicing’s ubiquity that the word itself now evokes images of Lululemon-clad toting Organic Avenue bottles, rather than Major League baseball players pumping themselves full of steroids.

This summer, keep your eye out for a new juice craze: green juice popsicles. Innocent Ice Pops has engineered a line of the first-ever “green juice” bars that are made entirely from fruits and vegetables. They’re also vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, and kosher (of course). Currently, there are four flavors available: Tropicarrot, Green Juice, Kale Daddy and Sweet Beets.

Creator Sophie Milrom, 26, said the ice pops were inspired by the juicing craze. Unsurprisingly, the frozen juice pops are already a hit with the fashion crowd.

For even more green smoothie pops, look to Green Wave Smoothies. The company has created “the first popsicles that incorporate nutrient-dense, dark-green leafy vegetables.” Flavors include Kalelicious and Greena Colada. The pops are made from ingredients that are “rich in antioxidants and energy and immunity boosters.”

So go suit up in your Soul Cycle outfit and enjoy a Kale Daddy Innocent Ice Pop today. If you’re seriously interested, you can buy Innocent Ice Pops here.

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[Photo: Green Wave Smoothies

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