As far as food-related maladies go, garlic breath is a DJ Khaled-style “suffering from success” situation. If you have it, it probably just means you ate something delicious recently.

Still, the American Chemical Society thinks it’s important to know why garlic makes your breath smell funky. We agree.

Long story, short: Four separate volatile organic compounds in garlic are the cause of your nasty breath.

The most interesting thing about the reaction is that none of those compounds are there until the garlic is crushed or chopped. That’s why your breath doesn’t smell like the cloves sitting on your counter.

The good news: Parsley and milk reduce the effects of garlic breath. Also, garlic has some powerful antibacterial properties, so you are getting health benefits, even if it doesn’t help you with your romantic maneuvers.

For more details on why garlic is both your taste buds’ best friend and your dating life’s worst enemy, watch the video above.

[via Laughing Squid]