When you were a kid, you probably thought it would be awesome to drop things from an RC helicopter. Maybe a water balloon on your brother’s head, or a snowball on that mean teacher who gave you detention.

Russian pizza company Dodo Pizza is on the same page. The pizza operation has started delivering its pies to people using drones.

Image courtesy of dodopizza.ru

Image courtesy of dodopizza.ru

The International Business Times reports that these tiny, unmanned octocopters can carry up to 5 kg (11 lbs.) of weight, at speeds of up to 40 kph (25 mph). They can’t process credit card transactions or handle cash yet, so hungry customers have to place their orders and pay over the phone or online via credit card.

Dodo Pizza has all their bases covered on both pizza and drone theft, too. The drones have cameras on board, so the manager can see when the drone gets to its scheduled delivery. Then, the manager will call you to make sure you actually receive the pizza (and not your punk neighbor next door who’s always scamming your delivery guys). If your pizza doesn’t arrive in 60 minutes, it’s free.

dodo pizza camera

As for drone theft dangers, each drone hovers 20 meters (65 and a half feet) above the ground. It then lowers the pizza for delivery using a cable. There’s a system in place so that if someone pulls the cable, the cable breaks away and the drone is programmed to fly back home to safety, according to IBT.

This is just the latest in a recent line of drone delivery forces that offer everything from sushi to champagne. It’s not even the first pizzeria in the world to offer drone delivery, an honor that goes to Francesco’s Pizzeria in Mumbai.

On a more serious food-related note, an intrepid journalist has a smart plan to use drones to report farm abuse.

All these things go to show, it’s not drones themselves that are good or bad, it’s how they’re being used. Food delivery drones are everyone’s friend, although that on-board camera could easily get kind of creepy.

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