Rather than opting for the ink-on-paper method, Vancouver-based graphic designer Brennan Gleason printed his resume on a 4-pack of home-brewed blonde ale. 

Each bottle of beer showcases a piece of work from his portfolio (as the label), and his resume is printed on the box. Brennan—who we’d hire in a split second—also created a striking logo for the bottle caps. Gleason tells HuffPo,

I sent about three of them out to places I knew I really wanted to get a job at and ended up getting a few offers right away…As designers, were always trying to show off our creativity. That’s the first impression these companies see.”

If you find yourself jobless, maybe you need to bring a 4-pack of “Résum-Ale” to your next interview. Also, resume beer is so much better than resume chocolates.



[Photo: Huffington Post]

[via Dribbble]

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