A beautiful dish usually makes us salivate, but we’d rather look at Daryna Kossar’s food than eat it. The Ukrainian artist and photographer arranges fruits, vegetables, bread, chocolate, and various other edibles into colorful tableaus and photographs them. The results are simple, eye-catching, bright, and fun. We chatted to Kossar about how she makes her whimsical creations.


When did you start making food art?
It started at about 14. At school, I took art lessons and liked cooking. So I started experimenting and presenting what I cooked as art. When I graduated school, I was presented with a new camera and my parents paid for a photography course, which added a new interest into my life. The combination of these three resulted in what you see in my work.


How do you decide what to make?
Well, I try to make at least one work a week, but what to make usually comes spontaneously. I have a special board where all my ideas are sketched. So if there’s a week where I have no new ideas, I refer to my board and choose the most relevant one to my feelings and desire to create.


What materials do you use?
I use a variety of “materials”—it depends on what I can find. The most friendly for creations are ingredients that are not too small and easy to cut or slice. The most difficult to work with are the most tasty ingredients, as you risk eating them before the work is done.


Do you always eat your artworks?
Not as often as I would like to. Usually, I have a line of impatient people, starting with my younger sister and parents and finishing with my friends, waiting for the moment I take the last shot.


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[via Laughing Squid]