Some languages have satisfyingly specific vocabulary, like the German word backpfeifengesicht, which describes a face that’s badly in need of a fist, or utepils, the Norwegian term for enjoying a beer outside on a sunny day. (Write that one down, it’s handy.)

Now, the brainiacs at Mental Floss have found 48 other things you probably didn’t know there was a word for in the latest episode of The List Show. Among them are some especially useful food terms you’re going to want to add to your linguistic arsenal. That cardboard sleeve around your takeaway coffee cup? A zarf, obviously. Hate the way peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth? You might be arachibutyrophobic. Notice how when something has a name, it becomes a real thing? That’s the power of words.

Our favorite entry in this clip has to be the German term for eating your feelings: kummerspeck, which literally translates to “grief bacon.” (Germans are so good at this!) Check out the video above for more awesome words you can deploy in conversation. And don’t let the fact that no-one else recognizes them dampen your enjoyment.

[via Mental Floss]