Rabbit seven ways is the signature menu item at Qui, Austin chef Paul Qui’s flagship restaurant.

To pay homage to the restaurant and the dish, Qui decided to get a tattoo depicting seven rabbits. What he didn’t expect was for his entire restaurant staff to follow suit and get rabbit tattoos of their own.

“This seems like just as much of an opportunity to memorialize a life event as any other,” explains the chef.


Qui bartender Bjorn Taylor says,

“I love the people I work with; it’s a great restaurant. This is the top of what I can do bartending. Like, I shouldn’t go anywhere else. I’m done.”

In an industry known for high employee turnover, that’s a pretty real statement. It’s obvious that the cooks, front of house, and managers at Qui are highly committed to the restaurant’s cause and believe in it fully.

Warning: The audio may be jarring if you’re tattoo virgin (think needles on skin), but the video’s worth it.

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[via Austin360, Eater]