After successfully gathering enough funds from his Kickstarter campaign, artist John “Super Ugly” Williams has debuted his magnificent 80-page book, Check Please!. The new book features over 150 individual pieces of artwork on restaurant checks from over 50 artists, including N8 VanDyke, Matt136, Skinner, and Dave Correia. The tome can purchased online from Big Cartel.

All the artwork is extracted from Williams’ collective art blog, Guest Checks. The pieces come together to compose a striking collage. Before the book became a reality, Williams wrote,

[pullquote]”Each check [is] different, [has] different media, different use of the same space. I am so proud to be among the artists involved with this project and it would be a dream of mind to get this book funded and into some well deserving hands.”[/pullquote]

Feast your eyes on some of the guest check artwork below.



Take a peak at even more pieces from the original art gallery here and in the video and gallery below—we love the brilliant original song about checks set to the tune of Dizzee Rascal’s “Fix Up, Look Sharp.”


[via Laughing SquidKickstarter]