Yesterday, 125,000 smoked-meat fans swarmed Madison Square Park for the 12th annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. Seventeen of the nation’s top pitmasters were on hand, serving everything from Alabama pulled pork shoulder to Memphis-style baby back ribs. Legends like Rodney Scott of Scott’s Bar-B-Que (Hemingway, SC) wowed the crowd with expertly cooked whole hogs, while NYC up-and-comer Daniel Delaney held his own with stellar beef brisket.

Our own gorging time was limited when we stopped by yesterday, but memorable bites included the shredded swine from Scott’s, which was punched up with crunchy pieces of crackling, and a delicious, vinegar-laced pulled-pork sandwich from Martin’s Bar-B-Que out of Nashville, TN.

In case you couldn’t make it to the ‘cue fest—or you just want to relive those glorious meat sweats—we rounded up the best Instagram photos of this year’s Big Apple Barbecue party. Click through the gallery for a ridiculous amount of barbecue porn, plus some key shots of dudes chopping up huge hunks of pork.

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