Some artists prefer canvas. Others like paper. Shawn Feeney, in his The Invisible Underground series, opts for food, turning fruits and vegetables like avocados, parsnips, and pumpkins into detailed faces and characters including MCA and Ravi Shankar. In August 2013, the renowned sculptor even set a Guinness World Record for Largest Fruit Sculpture with a 10-foot-tall fruit tree.


[Ravi Shankar Memorial Jack-o-lantern]

On The Invisible Underground website, Feeney writes that the series reveals “the secret vitality and character concealed within the organic material of our carvings.” Feeney, who studied forensic facial imaging with the FBI, often lets the food decide what it wants to become, which could be anything from a baboon to an alien. You can commission installations, centerpieces, and live demonstrations through The Invisible Underground‘s website.

mca[Adam “MCA” Yauch Memorial Jack-o-lantern]

Click through the gallery to see our favorite foods turned into faces, and watch the video above to see Feeney at work.

[via Studio 360]