We live in a world where Willy Wonka is alive and well. Well, maybe not, but Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio has created a chocolate-covered, lickable room.

Gallaccio (see more of her work here) is known for incorporating organic matter into her art. She spent three days painting the walls of an old farm building at Edinburgh’s Jupiter Artland with 90 pounds of dark chocolate (70% cocoa, to be exact). Titled “Stroke,” this edible installation permeates all five human senses, as Gallaccio invites visitors to touch, smell, and lick the walls.

To Gallaccio, the chocolate wall is all about “desire and anticipation.” The ambiguous room, while enticing, evokes unique sensations tied to sensuality, society, and even politics. Hopefully, visitors don’t give each other cooties.

All we know is: We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams (and we really like chocolate).

[via ArtNet News]