A young bear fell through the skylight of a couple’s home in Juneau, Alaska while they were celebrating their child’s first birthday.

One of the home owners, Glenn Merrill, told the Juneau Empire,

“I was literally in the room, and I heard this cracking…And the next thing you know, there’s this bear that, I mean, literally, fell right from (the skylight). It was like one metre away from me.”

The next thing Merrill knew, the animal was feasting on her infant son’s birthday cupcakes. What a glutton!


Merrill’s wife, Alicia Bishop, told the paper that she opened a door from the living room that led to the backyard and that the couple yelled at the animal until it casually walked out of their home.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Management Coordinator Ryan Scott tells Juneau Empire,

“Bears are extremely curious and will stake out any source of food they can find.”

But a child‘s birthday cupcakes!? Come on. That’s a new low, even for a bear.


Alicia Bishop holds her son Jackson Merrill in front of their dining room table. (Photo: Juneau Empire)

[via Juneau Empire, CBC News]