Where would we be without those intrepid mavericks trying strange, new food combinations? In a turducken-less world where burgers are never made of ramen, that’s where. Perish the thought.

The latest odd-but-oddly-delicious gastronomic experiment comes from Taiwan, and involves adding packaged flan or creme caramel to instant noodles. Pork flavor is preferable, which makes intuitive sense since we already know that bacon + anything sweet is makes magical things happen in your mouth.


Staff at Japanese news blog RocketNews24 did some old-school investigative reporting by testing the combo out, and documenting each step along the way. After adding boiling water to the instant ramen, they flipped the wobbly, gelatinous pudding out of its mold and onto the steaming noodles.


The internet decrees that for best results, one should thoroughly mix the custard into the broth to create a creamier, sweeter soup. Although the writer covered all bases by tasting it before and after total incorporation.


He described the results in the thoroughly evocative language of a five-star Yelp reviewer:

“Chowing down on the noodles was a pleasant experience. There was a nice blend of salty and sweet and the hot noodles and cool pudding balanced out to a comfortably warm temperature.”


Is anyone else seeing golden business opportunity here for a Taiwanese food truck with negligible overheads (a kettle), where all the ingredients can be sourced from 7/11? Bian Dang and Wooly’s had best watch their backs.

[via Shanghaiist]