Fans of American football know the game is changing. First, the league started using vulcanized rubber to make the ball. Then, last year, the NFL declared hummus its official dip.

Now, the San Francisco 49ers new home at Levi’s Stadium is bringing veganism to game day. When the stadium opens in August, it will features concessions from Centerplate, including a combined total of 40 vegan and vegetarian dishes at stands throughout the stadium.

In other words, it’s not going to just be some shameful no-meat food ghetto in a sad corner of the stadium. The company says that at least one vegan offering will be available at every single concession stand in the place.

Meat lovers will still be able to get a burger—it’ll be grass-fed (and probably pretty tasty), though. Meanwhile, any and all seafood served at the stadium will be sourced from sustainable fisheries, according to Centerplate’s press release.

The high-minded food choices are only fitting for the first NFL stadium ever to receive LEED Gold certification.

Photo: Levi's Stadium

Photo: Levi’s Stadium

Centerplate isn’t some newcomer to feeding stadium crowds, and serious R&D has gone into the vegan and vegetarian. SF Weekly says the new menu items will include a BBQ jackfruit sandwich, baozi, curries, and tortas. The vegan bao offerings are already being sold by Centerplate at Safeco Field.

Levi’s Stadium is upping your food-getting experience in other ways, too. Starting in July, you can download a smartphone app for the stadium. Along with maps and instant replay options, there’s an Express Pickup feature that will let you order food from the bleachers, either to pick up in person or to have delivered to wherever you’re sitting.


Some other food-related stats about this game-changing stadium:

  • 80% of ingredients will be locally sourced from within California
  • Over 60% of foods served will be prepared in-house (so you aren’t paying $15 to eat a Philly cheese steak someone just defrosted in the microwave)
  • All cooking oil used will be recycled
  • All packaging and disposable plates/cups/napkins/plasticware will either be recyclable, compostable, or otherwise biodegradable. Goodbye, pesky #6 styrofoam cups!

Dennis Hague, Centerplate’s President and CEO, is aiming for the stars: “For fans who love football and food, there will be no better place than Levi’s® Stadium,” he says.

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