Welcome to the You Did Not Eat That Instagram account, which posts staged photos of fashion types and celebrities in stilettos and bikinis, hinting that they’re about to eat a box of macarons, or a double-scoop ice cream cone, or a doughnut the size of their waist.

The anonymous creator of the account spoke to NY Mag about “her role as bullshit detector,” and the predictable formula for successful Instagram posts.

[pullquote]”I’ve worked in media and fashion for almost ten years. I feel like blogs have certainly changed everything, you know, in the lifestyle people are presenting—it’s just spiraled into the absurd. All these girls who wear the most expensive outfit that they have—probably borrowed or gifted. They troll the West Village or Venice, or somewhere, [buying] “chic” lashings from different pastry shops, taking pictures in their Valentino Rockstud Stilettos.”[/pullquote]

All we have to say is: Props to supermodel Chrissy Teigen for definitely eating it all, and getting drunk and tweeting about it.

Here’s some of the standout posts from the You Did Not Eat That Instagram (hilarious captions included).

ice “Just when we thought we couldn’t care less, Kim went and dumped ice cream into her cleavage to avoid eating it.”



cream “So excited to get paid by magnum to hold this in my hand whilst staring vacantly into my iPhone in celebration of their 25th anniversary. And then promptly give it back to the publicist just off screen making this happen. #youdidnoteatthat”

miles “What isn’t shown is that this box of gluten-free vegan fish and chips tumbled to the ground after this ferocious bite. Also, side bar, she looks like a blow up doll.”


kate “That time Kate Hudson smiled at a piece of cake. And then…didn’t eat it. #youdidnoteatthat”

life “@lifestylemirror we hope one of the photo production assistants ate this. Animal style. #youdidnoteatthat”

cup“She. Totally. Ate. It. @leandramedine you win.”

All photos via You Did Not Eat That.

[via NYMag]

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