Mike Lazer-Walker, a New York-based developer whom you should high-five if you ever get the chance, has built a free iOS app that let’s you anonymously talk to other customers when you’re in an Applebee’s restaurant.

Whatsapplebee’s—which is not affiliated with or endorsed by the restaurant chain—bills itself as the premier social chat app for fans of Applebee’s. And according to its website, it strictly enforces the location-based nature of the messaging service, unlike competitors T.G.I. Friendster or Olive Grindr.


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PSFK reports that the app is exclusive for Applebee’s customers who are at the restaurant at the same time.

“The app uses iPhone location services to determine whether the users are currently inside an Applebee’s or are within 100 meters of one. Once a user is out of that coverage area, they can no longer chat with anyone who’s in the restaurant,” writes PSFK.

So far the iTunes App Store reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer writes,

“As an avid Applebee’s fan, I have been looking for a way to meet like minded people at my local bees. It’s ease of use and ability to connect with people that care about nothing else than the glorious establishment, Applebee’s, are all I’ve ever looked for in an app. I’m always looking for someone to share a 2 for $20 deal! So hop on the app when you are over at the bees and lets get an appetizer sampler and enjoy the atmosphere of our neighborhood bar and grill!”


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Some users, however, have reported technical glitches.

“Hello. I love Applebee’s brand food more than anything. But when I visited my local Bee’s to remember the 10 year anniversary of my wife leaving me at that very Applebee’s, I wanted to post about it. Unfortunately, the app failed me and did not post my very serious story. I wanted to brand connect with my fellow Bee’s and the app let me down. This app should make like a bee and buzz off.”

Still, we’re sure these are minor teething problems that will be ironed out when the next version is released.

[via Laughing Squid, PSFK]

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