Thousands of employees at McDonald’s, Burger King, and other chains went on a nationwide strike today, May 15. Fast-food workers are demanding higher wages and the right to unionize without retaliation from their employers.

The simple fact that it takes the the average McDonald’s worker four months to earn what a CEO gets in an hour is a good starting point for understanding why a lot of people are pissed.

The movement is gaining global momentum, attracting solidarity strikes by fast-food workers in 33 different countries. One worker in Denmark told The Consumerist:

“In Denmark, McDonald’s pays me $21 an hour and respects our union, so I was surprised when I heard workers in the US had to fight so hard for just $15 and better rights….Fast food companies need to treat the people who make and serve their food with the same respect everywhere and workers in Denmark are committed to supporting the workers’ cause until that happens.”

Some folks are all for increased pay for fast-food workers, and others simply don’t get it. As always, the Twittersphere has its own opinions on the matter of the #FastFoodStrike

Those supporting the #FastFoodStrike:

Those hating on the movement: