The 9/11 Museum has questionable taste in souvenir tchotchkes. The most blatant offender? A memorial cheese plate with hearts marking the places where terrorists crashed the hijacked planes.

Of course we should never forget what happened, but was a cheese plate really the best memorial someone could come up with?

Residents of the Twittersphere sure didn’t think so…

Amid intense criticism, the 9/11 Museum has removed the offending cheese platter. It was no longer available for sale in the gift shop as of Tuesday, May 27th, reports the Wall Street Journal.

People on Twitter were quick to weigh in on this new development.

9/11 Memorial and Museum Foundation president Joe Daniels has informed ArtNet News that family members of some of the victims of the 9/11 attacks will now vet all merchandise sold in the gift shop.

We’re pretty sure the 9/11 museum isn’t out of the woods yet. The WSJ also reports that a planned upscale cafe selling food, beer, and wine will be opening up on-site. Union Square Hospitality Group CEO Danny Meyer offered the following explanation:

“As New Yorkers, we feel proud that the museum asked us to present a sensitive solution to how to provide museumgoers a place to sit and take comfort as they reflect on their experience.”

We really hope the museum starts to get it right—stuff like this and kicking Gothamist reporter Jen Chung out for asking questions are incredibly disheartening. Let’s hope the removal of this cheese plate is only the first positive step.

[via Gothamist]