If the ramen-bun burger at Ramen Co. just isn’t noodle-y enough for you, Japanese burger chain Lotteria’s newest limited-edition burger might be more your style.

Lotteria lets you order one, two, or three ramen noodle patties in a hamburger bun. The triple-ramen monstrosity will set you back ¥750 ($7.34).

xzibit ramen

The Taishoken Original Tsukumen burger is a collab between Lotteria and one of Tokyo’s oldest and most venerated ramen shops, Taishoken in the Higashi-Ikebukuro neighborhood of Tokyo. 

Tsukumen is meant to be served cold, then dipped into a thick, hot broth that may have garnishes like anchovies, sliced pork, and green onions. Lotteria’s version comes with similar accoutrement, plus a bowl of noodle-less soup for dipping.

Taishoken Original Tsukumen Burger Soup Instructions

This triple-decker ramen burger can be yours from May 20th through the middle of June.

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