Earlier this year, Taco Bell announced it was offering a quesadilla-wrapped burrito known as the Quesarito. Now, the chain is testing an AM version of the Quesarito complete with eggs and nacho cheese.

According to GrubGrade reader Aaron (who spotted The Breakfast Quesarito in an undisclosed location), it has “scrambled eggs and shredded cheddar cheese on the inside and nacho cheese in the outer layer quesadilla-style wrap.” The egg-filled Quesarito is available with sausage or bacon for $1.99 and there’s a steak version for $2.79.

Photo: GrubGrade

Photo: GrubGrade

Brand Eating reports that the original Quesarito was first tested in Oklahoma City, so maybe the Quesarito 2.0 is being tested in the same spot.

If this sounds like a Taco Bell breakfast item you would like to f*ck with, make your way to Oklahoma City or pray to the fast-food gods that the chain will roll out their Breakfast Quesarito nationwide.

[via GrubGrade, Foodbeast]

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