For every perfectly-composed, beautifully-lit photo of someone’s burger on Instagram, there is at least one struggle plate. It’s how the social media universe maintains balance. If #struggleplate on Twitter and Instagram isn’t satisfying enough, Reddit’s Shittyfoodporn channel is here to help.

Call it food-porn karma, if you like. After all, channel rules clearly state that “edible looking submissions are subject to removal without notice.”

From cold-baked-bean-and-ramen burritos to beef jerky that looks exactly like cat poo, here are a few of the standout submissions to Reddit’s shittyfoodporn channel:

“No buns. No problem.”

“Breakfast: Medium-boiled eggs next to a ham, cheese, and tuna platter. With a side of beer.”

“Cold baked beans really tied the dish together.”

“You want this.”

“It’s the same thing as an omelet, right? No electricity.

“It’s my first time working up in Northern Alberta, this was my breakfast today. I need to re-evaluate my life choices.”

First time working up in Northern Alberta and living in a hotel, this was my breakfast today

“Delicious beef jerky!”

“Taco sandwich.”


“Chocolate sauce that hardens on ice cream.”


“I think I hit a new low. Uncooked ramen noodles with a sriracha spread, sprinkled with shrimp flavoring.”

“Hot dog de la tortilla et fromage”


“Sweet potato sun with chicken nugget rays, accompanied by sauce clouds.”


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