Not only are the bright paper creations of artist Polly Lindsay admirable for their inventiveness and originality, they just make us happy. 

The UK-based artist’s Veg of the Day series, in particular, is a fantastically vibrant celebration of the humble vegetable. In our opinion, it takes talent to make an onion a work of art—which is why we decided to drop her a note. Below, we learn about her layered design process, where she derives her inspiration, and how she hopes her work will eventually encourage healthier eating.

What’s the process for constructing your paper creations?

I’ve been developing my interest in paper craft over the past year or so. I begin by roughly sketching the image out, and then start working out how many layers it needs and what colors go where; I then create a diagram. Once all the paper has been cut to size I can start sketching the different shapes, beginning with the top layer. Cutting each layer with my trusty craft knife is an intricate process.


What was the inspiration for ‘Veg of the Day’? 

For many years I have had a fascination with healthy foods, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables. I wanted to create an ongoing personal project to help develop my practice and knew I wanted to incorporate my love for veggies. I would love to make this into an interactive project, letting the public vote for their favorite vegetable or fruit—maybe even inspire some people to introduce more vegetables into their diet.

So, you love fruits and veggies. What’s your favorite? 

My favorite vegetable changes with every day (hence, ‘Veg of the Day’), but today it’s got to be the humble carrot. My all-time favorite fruit has to be the beautiful dragon fruit. I was traveling in Thailand and got sick for a couple of days, everyone kept bringing me dragon fruits fresh from the tree. At first I was skeptical of how alien it looked, but the taste really grew on me. It’s difficult to find any dragon fruit here in England, and when I do they never taste like I remember. Fresh is always tastiest!  It’s definitely on my list of ‘must dos’ to create.


So far you have an onion, red pepper, and avocado? What’s next? 

I’ve been given a few suggestions and it seems people want to see an artichoke made out of paper next. I really enjoy the challenge of figuring out how the paper cut is actually going to work: the more complex, the more fun!