Marshmallow Peeps—those sugary, chick- and bunny-shaped treats that pop up every year at Easter—have their sights set on bigger things.

Just Born, the company that produces Peeps (as well as other popular candies like Mike & Ikes and Hot Tamales), has already begun pushing Peeps Minis at Walmart and other stores across the country in hopes of giving the brand year-round appeal.

USA Today reports that Peeps Minis are 40 percent smaller than regular peeps and sold in resealable bags. They come flavors such as sour watermelon, strawberry creme, and chocolate creme flavors.

The goal is to shift the perception of Peeps from punchline to coveted candy. “I challenge you to find any other food product where a full one-third of the purchases don’t go to their normal, intended use: eating,” Brian Bachrach, senior marketing manager of innovation for Just Born, told USA Today.

According to The Consumerist, the new slogan is, “With PEEPS Minis, every day is a holiday!” We’ll see how that goes.

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