Just in time for summer, Taiwanese industrial design students have created a two-person bib that turns any casual picnic into an awkwardly formal, face-to-face encounter.


All photos: Hung Lu Chan/Design Boom

The portable dining surface aims to “improve the relationship and interaction between people when eating” by physically attaching you at the neck to your dining companion.


The fold-up table has no shortage of thoughtful design elements: cut-out cup holders, cutlery pockets, and removable, washable napkins.


But there appears to be a glaring construction flaw: Since the surface has no supports other than the two people at either end, any sudden movements would upset the entire table’s contents. And why would anyone want to spend the duration of a meal unable to move?

All photos: Hung Lu Chan/Design Boom

We’re pretty sure that if you invited people to eat with you and then leashed them to a table that effectively immobilized them with their face a few feet from yours, that you would shortly find yourself dining solo.

Which, if you live in Tokyo, needn’t stop you from using your napkin table—just attach the other end to your anti-loneliness stuffed-toy companion.

[via Design Boom]

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