In what has undoubtedly been a banner week for bad food tattoos, UK teenager Bradley Holman has brought some competition from across the pond by getting the Nando’s logo tatted on his right buttock.

Holman loves Nando’s chicken so much that he spends an estimated £1,500 ($2,542) per year on the stuff. “I always take girls out to Nando’s on a first date so it would be a nightmare if they didn’t like the restaurant,” he told the Daily Star.

Photo: News Dog Media via Metro

Photo: News Dog Media via Metro

Holman went out drinking with friends one night, and they dared him to get the Nando’s mascot, Barcí the Barcelos Cockerel, tattooed on one butt cheek. Recounting the story to the Daily Star later, he said, “The whole process was painful, especially after the alcohol had worn off, but it was worth it.”

When he sobered up, he thought he could probably use this tattoo to get one of Nando’s legendary Black Cards, which guarantees cardholders free chicken at any restaurant in the chain for life. Unfortunately, the chain refused his request.


Nando's refusal

After learning that he wouldn’t get any free chicken after all, Holman told Metro, “Nando’s give free stuff to celebrities and footballers but they never reward loyal customers like me.”

Since Holman’s already threatened to have Nando’s tattoo removed in favor of a KFC one, we’re confident he’ll remain in the ranks of the 25 worst fast food tattoos.

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