If you’ve always wanted guacamole on your McDonald’s anything, and you’re in Denver, then congratulations—your dreams just came true.

For a limited time, Mickey D’s is putting a Hass avocado-based guacamole on anything your avocado-adoring heart desires for just $.89. Yes, even fries and Egg McMuffins.

We’re trying to imagine what McDonald’s guacamole would taste like and what the texture would be like, and we’re admittedly a little scared—but that’s besides the point.

McDonald's Guacamole Burger and guac-topped chicken sandwich. (Photo: KDVR)

McDonald’s Guacamole Burger and guac-topped chicken sandwich. (Photo: KDVR)

You can also order a special Guacamole Burger for $4.79 (a high-end menu item for McDonald’s), which piles up the guac, pico de gallo, lettuce, and white cheddar on an “artisan” bun.

Grilled or crispy chicken sandwiches are available with the same toppings, and McDonald’s guacamole is also available as a side dish (for $.89).

The reactions in the Twitterverse have been somewhat skeptical.

But some people who’ve actually tried the guac-topped creations seem to approve.


Guacamole is one of the toppings offered in the “build your own burger” program McDonald’s has been testing in Southern California. We just wonder if this is a smart move for McDonald’s seeing that the price of avocados is on the rise.

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