We’ve already lamented the omnipresence of kale, but this latest information from Bon Appetit takes the leafy vegetable’s pervasion to whole new levels: In 2013, nearly 300 babies (257 boys, 5 girls) were named Kale.

The highest concentration of these unfortunately-named babes were born in California, a fact that renders this statistic slightly more believable.

Infographic via Estately.com

Infographic via Estately.com

These findings were the result of a comprehensive search of food names in the Social Security’s official baby name database.

Apple, the name of Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter with Chris Martin, for example, has risen in popularity since her birth in 2004 with 27 girls bearing the fruit’s name in 2013.

Other notables included Pepper (152 girls), Rye (30 boys, 5 girls), Tamari (14 boys, 26 girls), and Chai (8 boys, 7 girls).

Although our research showed that similarly en vogue veggies—spinach, swiss chard, Brussels sprouts—were exempt from #kale trending, we’re not holding our breath just yet. Given Slate‘s report on the introduction of “Kalettes,” a hybrid of Kale and Brussels sprouts, the inspiration for green-loving parents seemingly knows no bounds. God save the kiddies!

[via Bon Appetit]