Usually, it’s the Americans who are busy creating unnecessarily expensive versions of affordable foods, like hot dogs and burgers. But this time, the Brits have set the pace in the pastry department—albeit through an American chain.

Krispy Kreme unveiled its luxe doughnut at the famous department store Selfridge’s with a £1,000 (or $1682) price tag, which it claims constitutes a new world record. Maxim reports that the pricey creation includes “Dom Perignon 2002 champagne jelly, 24-carat gold leaf, gold-dusted white chocolate flowers, and edible diamonds.”


For anyone irresponsible enough to drop multiple stacks on a Krispy Kreme, there are two consolations: 1) Some of the proceeds benefit the Children’s Trust, a charity for children with brain injury; and 2) The doughnut also comes with “a cocktail featuring raspberry and passion fruit syrup, Courvoisier Cognac, and more Dom Perignon 2002,” according to Maxim.

Of course, you could just buy 2,000 glazed doughnuts for the same price, which would be both the best and worst idea ever.

[via Maxim / Foodbeast]

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