According to Krispy Kreme Japan, doughnuts and soccer are a match made in heaven.

Just in time to give all of Japan a massive sugar rush before the 2014 FIFA World Cup starts on June 12th, KKJ has introduced their special “World Dolce Cup” doughnuts. Each of the six doughnuts represents a country competing in the World Cup—well, except the U.K. one (it’s England competing, not the entire U.K.).

Here are the doughnut details:

Japan: Green Tea Cake ¥190 ($1.86)

Old-fashioned donut made with matcha green tea powder and iced with green tea white chocolate



US: Lemon Cheesecake ¥230 ($2.26)

Yeast shell donut with vanilla cream cheese filling, topped with lemon creme and crushed graham crackers



UK: Peach Melba ¥230 ($2.26)

Yeast ring donut glazed with peach-flavored icing, drizzled with raspberry sauce, and sprinkled with sliced roasted almonds and dried cranberries



Italy: Tiramisu ¥230 ($2.26)

Yeast shell donut with mascarpone filling, topped with coffee icing and dusted with cocoa powder



France: Crème Brûlée ¥230 ($2.26)

Glazed Original donut topped with custard creme and dark caramel sauce, then sprinkled with bits of caramelized candy



Brazil: Mango Passion ¥230 ($2.26)

Yeast shell donut with mango and passion fruit filling, topped with mango-flavored icing and a white chocolate icing




The Matcha donut is a regular part of Krispy Kreme Japan’s menu, but all others are only available until July 14th. A six-pack will set you back ¥1340 ($13.14), while a dozen is only ¥2000 ($19.62).

World Dolce Dozen

We think the choice is pretty obvious.

[via The Daily Meal]