Three cheers jeers for this goon who decided that it would be a good idea to get a tattoo of a KFC Double Down—the infamous fast-food sensation featuring bacon and cheese between two fried chicken fillets. The fact that he did it for an ad means that at least he didn’t have to pay for me, but that might actually make it worse.

The video documenting this suspect decision is packed with gems like the following:

  • “I actually went on a date with my girlfriend to get a Double Down.”
  • “It’s a tattoo that people would always ask about…and it’s funny.”
  • “I think being here in Kentucky, I’ve probably done more tattoos of the Colonel’s face than anyone else’s face.”




The only real question is whether it’s worse than these classics:

fast-food-tattoos-mcdonalds-always-loving-it-375x500 fast-food-tattoos-taco-bell-ass resizedimage-1-php resizedimage-6-php tat1[via Grub Street]

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