In case you’ve forgotten, here are the steps for eating cereal:

  1. Get bowl and spoon.
  2. Pour cereal into bowl.
  3. Pour milk onto cereal.
  4. Use spoon to eat cereal.

One girl with a Tumblr decided that this tried-and-true method wasn’t efficient enough, so she endeavored to swap the bowl for her mouth, lying down on her back and pouring cereal and milk straight down her throat. Needless to say, she filmed it, and the results are predictably unsavory:

According to Gawker, this unorthodox cereal-eating style first gained traction last year through a series of viral Vine posts. But as with other dumb food challenges, the fails of the past can’t fully protect us from the idiocy of the future.

[via Gawker]

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