Mike Fountaine has compiled some compelling evidence that he’s lovin’ it more than anyone out there—he has a 75,000-piece collection of McDonald’s memorabilia that’s fully catalogued, organized in 389 categories, and neatly displayed over two miles of shelves.

The 60-year-old Fontaine, who also happens to be an owner of a McDonald’s restaurant, began hoarding McDonald’s objects when he started working at the Golden Arches at the age of 15. According to the Daily Mailhis collection kicked off when he was given a lapel pin to mark his first year of service. His collection now features at least 1,000 cups, 11,700 lapel pins, and almost every single Happy Meal ever created. And he’s not stopping any time soon. Fontaine told the newspaper that he still adds more than 100 items to the stash every month:

“This collection means everything to me, it is my life’s work. Thousands and thousands of hours have been spent assembling this collection and taking pride to display it extremely nicely. I’m very proud to be a part of the McDonald’s family. We have a saying here when you love the business that you have ‘ketchup in your veins,’ and I certainly do.”

In addition to the two miles of shelving spanning nine rooms in his house, Fountaine has recently built a 2,400-square-foot barn to store it all. In total, his collection now takes up around 7,000 square feet of his property.

Of course, ridiculous food hoarders are nothing new. This guy has a 1,000-piece hamburger collection that features a hamburger Harley bike, and this guy has more than 600 different pizza boxes from over 45 countries in the world. But 75,000 pieces of Mickey D goodies? Fountaine may be in a league of his own.

Photo: Ruaridh Connelan via Daily Mail
Photo: Daily Mail

Photo: Daily Mail

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