Say you want to garden, but you just don’t have the time and the space, and you don’t want to deal with all that dirt. The InFarm Microgarden—an origami-inspired, miniature greenhouse—is an awesome new concept that lets you grow microgreens indoors. The best part? There’s no need for soil, and you don’t have to water your plants.

Berlin-based start-up INFARM teamed up with Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine to develop the micro-garden kit.

Greenhouse 4
Greenhouse 2

How does it work? Simple: the seeds are spread over agar-agar gel.

Agar-agar is a seaweed-based gelatin that’s commonly used in Japanese cooking. It contains trace minerals, and transforms into something resembling clear Jell-O once you add water.

The Microgarden uses the agar-agar as a growing medium, from which the microgreens’ roots absorb moisture. Just mix the agar-agar powder with water, then sprinkle on your seeds. The agar-agar will continuously provide moisture (and some trace minerals) to the tiny, growing plants. In just 10 days, you’ll be eating microgreens with every meal.

Foldable Greenhouse

You can even slice up the agar-agar like Jell-O and only harvest a little of your greens at a time, then leave the rest to continue growing in the greenhouse.


When you’ve eaten all your microgreens, you can start over again (and again, and again) with new seeds.

Greenhouse 5

A little microgreen salad would make a beautiful garnish for your at-home dinners. The average crop-time for most microgreens is 7-14 days from seeding to harvest, so you don’t have to wait very long at all for your crop. Microgreens offer the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients—up to 40 times more than mature plants—plus they have intense flavor and aroma. The Microgarden comes with three varieties of organic seeds: peppery rucola, crunchy mustard, and spicy radish

Unfortunately, you can’t own your own Microgarden just yet. InFarm has an Indiegogo campaign right now to make their Microgarden dream a reality. Tossing at least €35 ($48) to the company guarantees you two Microgardens of your own.

The project is already at 105% funding, and the founders say the Microgardens will be delivered in September. Watch the video below to learn more about this beautiful, foldable greenhouse.

All photos via Design Taxi.

[via Design Taxi]

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