Single-pod soup and coffee machines continue to spawn. But this time around, its not about soup or coffee—it’s about masa.

The Flatev machine works like a Keurig or Nespresso machine: insert a tortilla pod and out comes a fresh tortilla. According to the Flatev website, the machine breaks open the dough pod, presses, and cooks it, popping out a hot tortilla in less than a minute.

tortThere’s three types of dough pods—flour, corn, and blue corn—made with “natural ingredients.” Available for retail purchase in 2015, you can reserve your Flatev by joining this waiting list.

Watch the promo video below, in which master tortilla-maker “Rosa” turns into a Flatev machine (poof!) and churns out “fresh, homemade tortillas.”

On one hand, this is a perfect 2001: A Space Odyssey-type metaphor for machines taking over the world and technology destroying jobs.

On the other hand, we really like fresh tortillas, and God knows the modern world loves convenience.



[via Thrillist, Cool Hunting]

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