Happy National Chocolate Parfait Day! How psyched are you?!

Food holidays have gotten out of control these days, inspiring an endless parade of restaurant specials and blog posts even though no one knows why they exist. We’re down to jump on any excuse to gorge on grilled cheeses, but to celebrate “Roll Cake Day” or “Trail Mix Day” is taking things too far.

Alas, there shall be no escape from this mindlessness. According to usvsth3m.com, every day of the year has been declared a food holiday of some sort, and you can call them up at the click of a button with its What Ridiculous Food Day is Your Birthday web app.

Whereas once you might have Googled which celebrities or historical figures you have a common anniversary with (shout out to Jennifer Lawrence and Napoleon Bonaparte), now you can celebrate sharing your born date with a random foodstuffs like julienne fries, curried chicken, or—bafflingly—ice cream and violins.


The app also brings to light which foods have been given a short shrift simply because they fall on bigger, more “important” holidays. For how long have popcorn and sundaes been overlooked while we honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and our nation’s veterans insteed? Luckily, now we’ll be able to celebrate Cherry Popover/Labor Day and Bavarian Cream Pie/Thanksgiving correctly.

P.S. Our deepest regrets to anyone born on August 3, otherwise known as Grab Some Nuts Day.

[via Foodbeast]