“Get your mouth hole ready, because we’re diving face-first into Flavortown, BITCH,” declares Fashion Bros! co-host and Four Pins editor Lawrence Schlossman.

On episode 14 of Fashion Bros!, Schlossman and Complex Style editor James Harris elevate “deserving style guycon” Guy Fieri.

“Show some fucking respect for a man who bleaches his goatee,” says Schlossman, before pointing out that Johnny Garlic’s is “the only restaurant in the history of the world to be award 307 Michelin stars.”


There’s a lot of gems in this one, but out favorite line has to be: “Guy Fieri is so motherfuckin’ icy, his blood is 90% cherry Slurpee.”

Jump to 4:15 for the Guy Fieri trolling/tribute.

[via Complex]

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