We now know that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has melted past the point of no return and we are basically all doomed unless we can evolve into Kevin Costner in Waterworld. But here’s one small thing that could delay our pending oceanic apocalypse: carrots.

A Scottish company called CelluComp is successfully turning the bunny food into a manufacturing material that can be used instead of glass or carbon fiber, reports Modern Farmer.

Preparing the carrots for cellulose extraction. (Photo: Modern Farmer)

Preparing the carrots for cellulose extraction. (Photo: Modern Farmer)

By extracting a compound called Curran, which can be found in the cell walls of root veggies like turnips and sugar beets, the company has been able to make a strong, lightweight material that can be used to make skateboards, fishing rods, and maybe one day cars.

And unlike carbon fiber, which is not biodegradable or easily recycled, Curran is an eco-friendly organic compound.

CelluComp is boosting its green credentials even further by using only B-grade carrots that would usually get thrown out by farmers, thereby reducing food waste.

So maybe the future isn’t all bad. Sea levels may be rising catastrophically, but on the bright side, we could soon be driving around in amphibious cars made out of vegetables.


[via Modern Farmer]

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