Michael Alig landed himself in jail for 17 years after murdering and dismembering fellow Club Kid Andre “Angel” Melendez back in 1996. If you’ve seen Party Monster, you know the story.

Bedford and Bowery recently met up with Alig (who’s been out of jail for two weeks) in the East Village, one of his old haunts. Writer Kelly McClure tried to get Alig to eat an ice cream cone from Ray’s Candy Store. Alig refused.

But when McClure offered New York’s original club kid a box of Cronuts, Alig started crying. McClure had read that trying a Cronut was one of the first things Alig wanted to do after his release. Alig then told the journalist,

“Obviously I want this, but I just don’t feel like I deserve it. I mean, it would be horrible not to eat it, but I just feel so awful.”

If this isn’t the greatest convergence of ’90s subculture, hypebeast pastries, and #feelings, we don’t know what is. McClure ends her profile of Alig with this sentimental line:

“With cronut crumbs on his lips and tears in his eyes, it’s hard not to like Alig.”

[via Bedford and Bowery]