The above video, titled “A Taste of Britain,” addresses the widely-held cultural stereotype that British food is bland and boring. The video, which has garnered over 800,000 views thus far in China, mimics the format of the beloved Chinese television program A Bite of China

The spoof, developed by an English talk show on China Radio International, claims that although meats and fish are popular in Britain, there is only one ingredient they can be paired with: The Almighty Potato. 

The parody rhapsodizes on the merits of the spud, including how best to prepare it—with a sprinkle of salt—and the “one secret” to British cooking: namely, that small potatoes cook faster than their larger counterparts #FactsOnly.


Why has the video struck a chord with Chinese residents? Possibly because the Chinese agree with the stereotype that Brits are boring in the kitchen. The video’s popularity can also be attributed to the fact that A Bite of China happens to be one of the country’s most popular programs.

On deciding to produce the sketch, British co-host Stuart Wiggins remarked,

“I think it gets the point across—many Chinese people have no clue about British food, and neither do British people themselves. Nonetheless, one thing is clear; Chinese people are passionate about food and British people are probably just jealous; although we’ll never let on, we’ll maintain our stiff upper lip, continue drinking tea whilst wearing our best top hat.”

Watch the video above to see what all the viral hoopla is about.

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