Broccoli City founder Brandon McEachern is a man on a mission. That mission? Bridging the gap between the streets and the all-organic-everything sustainability movement, with the the ultimate goal of making a healthy lifestyle available to the people. All the people.


After moving from North Carolina to L.A., McEachern says he assumed a lot of the new people he met were so happy because they were rich and white. He then realized it was because they were living healthy, eating well, and exercising. As he tells Grist, he began to think about ways to bring this lifestyle to a broader audience:

People, especially in my community, they associate the “go green” thing with “that’s just a white people thing.”…I’m not trying to bash on anyone here, but even in the hip-hop community, these rappers live healthy. They talk a game, you know, “I pop Molly,” and all that gangster stuff, but at the end of the day, their agents are keeping these guys healthy. So these guys should just say what they are doing! Post that you’re drinking water on your Instagram. Like, don’t just post a girl’s booty! That’s cool and all that, but post something with some substance.

To promote his cause, McEachern put together the first Broccoli City Festival in 2013, combining a rap-centric bill of artists with healthy food, free yoga, and fitness demonstrations. In the video above, you can see the Kid Mero talking to folks at the recent D.C. edition of BCFest 2014, which was headlined by Cam’RonJoJo, and Just Blaze.

The L.A. fest is happening tomorrow, May 3. It starts at noon, and tickets are still available.

Photos: Tumblr/BCFestival and Broccoli City

Photos: Tumblr/BCFestival and Broccoli City

As for the future, McEachern just wants the Broccoli City Festival to keep growing and bringing its message to new cities. “What I would really love to create with this festival is to have it be like the Wattstax Festival,” he told Grist.

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