Some call it Cinco de Mayo, but we just call it Another Opportunity to Achieve Nacho Glory.
Since Cinco isn’t really a Mexican holiday—it was created by Latinos in California during the Civil War—there’s no point getting too hung up on authenticity. Instead, simply avoid being one of those goons who turns it into St. Patrick’s Day with a sombrero, then spend your time on something worthwhile: nachos.

Here’s the game plan for achieving peak nacho on Cinco de Mayo:

Step Your Cheese-Sauce Game Tight.


Homemade nacho cheese sauce is much better than the ballpark variety, and it can be deployed in countless ways on a good nacho platter. Food52 has the inside scoop on how to make it right.

Watch the Second Annual First We Feast Nacho Battle.

To completely upend everything you thought you knew about the dish, see what happens when Wylie Dufresne and Alex Stupak make nachos.

Make #DeskNachos a Reality.

Let Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax be your inspiration.

Understand Craft Beer-and-Nacho Pairings.


When we asked beer pro Greg Engert of Birch & Barley in D.C. how to pair nachos with brews, he broke down the science.

Find the right recipe.


Here are some of our favorites to choose from:

Bonus: Get weird and make poutine nachos.


The good folks at Mile End Deli will teach you how.

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