We’re of the opinion that if you have¬†65.1 billion dollars in the bank, you can live however you like and not give a f*ck.

Such is the case with billionaire banker Warren Buffet, who scandalized the staff at New York’s The Four Seasons Restaurant¬†this week by skipping the gourmet cuisine. Instead, Buffet asked for a hamburger, Cherry Coke, and Dairy Queen.

Buffet’s order wasn’t even room service. He was seated across from a board member in The Four Seasons’ iconic pool room.

Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini huffily told Page Six that he had to dispatch staffers to buy food at CVS because “we don’t carry that kind of stuff.”

Kudos to Buffet for living like the high roller that he is.

Unfortunately, Dairy Queen wasn’t happening, considering that its only Manhattan location is under construction. Instead of ice cream, Buffet received a chocolate chip cookie. Weak.

Ordering junk food at The Four Seasons is pretty epic. Hats off to you, Sir Buffet.

[via Page Six]