If you missed 2010’s The Trip, it’s basically like a feature-length Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with British funnymen Steve Coogan (I’m Alan Partridge, Tristram Shandy) and Rob Brydon (The Rob Brydon Show) eating haute cuisine and aggravating one another. Because it’s British, the mood gets significantly darker than Jerry Seinfeld’s web series; expect to squirm a bit as the two pry at each other’s insecurities over the course of their belt-notching meals.

In the first film, adapted from a BBC miniseries that aired originally in the UK, the pair toured the north of England to review restaurants for the Observer. This time, director Michael Winterbottom has set them loose in the sunnier climes of the Mediterranean, where they visit fancy Italian restaurants like Il Riccio in Capri and Hotel Locarno in Rome.

Like so many of the best comedies, the film isn’t really about anything—the tourism conceit is mostly a backdrop for banter that seesaws between gloriously silly and uncomfortably frank. The mockumentary is expertly pitched, with both Coogan and Brydon playing complicated versions of their real-life personas.

You can watch the trailer for The Trip to Italy above. If you’re looking for a little bit more insight into what to expect, here’s one of the most memorable scenes from the first film:

[via Eater]