It’s hard to be a dude in the yoga world. Often, studios are dominated by muscular women with printed mats and neon workout gear. This can leave you feeling like a douche in the back of the room, with your baggy gym shorts and borrowed pink mat.

All this seems irrelevant now that Burrito-shaped Brogamats ($40) are here. The startup behind the Brogamat believes that all yoga students are created equal, and that bros (and men in general) deserve a say in how their workout accessories look.

The Brogamat website explains,

“Brogamats was founded on the belief that yoga practitioners defy simple categorization, and include people of all all walks of life, all genders, all Lululemon budgets, and all levels of earthy pretentiousness.

We are avid yogaphiles who felt the range of yoga products currently available was frustratingly narrow, so we decided to start designing our own.”

You know what all human beings on this earth love, regardless of gender? Burritos.

The simple genius of Brogamat’s product is that every single person secretly works out in order to eat more junk food (right?). Now, you can bring a burrito with you to yoga class as a reminder of that fact.

Brogamats is not the only example of companies catering towards making men feel comfortable in the yoga studio. Websites like Manly Yoga Mats provide neutral and all-black mat options. And Kent Katich—owner of All Sport Yoga and “yoga guru of the NBA“—is marketing awesome sports-themed mats to men.

But nothing beats a bag that looks like what you get at Chipotle.

The next time you want to be the coolest kid at your candlelight vinyasa flow class, try out a burrito Brogamat.

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